Auburn Bay Little Library

All children deserve books of their own – Calgary Reads Book Bank

Little Free Libraries in Auburn Bay encourage little (and big) readers to stop by! Grab a book, leave a book.

1) 203 Auburn Bay Heights– Please feel free to stop by anytime and borrow a few books! If you don’t have anything to leave in their place that’s okay, just read and return when you can.

2) 151 Auburn Glen Heights– Being a Early Childhood Education teacher and running a dayhome, Little Free Library for kids will inspire a love of reading in our little ones, will bring neighbours together and will create an opportunity to develop more active little readers.

3) Autumn Circle

4) Autumn Grove

5) 166 Auburn Crest Way – Our Little Free Library is a doppelgänger of our home that was made by my husband. Our LFL is an attempt to bring our community together over a good book.

6) 18 Auburn Meadows Court

7) 106 Auburn Glen Way – (to come)

8) Auburn House – downstairs

Gofundme for Noah

Please see the link below for the Catto family GoFundMe

Following the tragic loss of Noah Catto, please consider a donation to his parents, Luke and Ashley, to help alleviate the financial stress and to help cover the costs of bringing Noah back to Calgary, the funeral, and anything else that they can be assisted with. The total amount will be gifted to the Catto family to use at their discretion in covering any of the expenses that may arise during this time. Please continue your support in prayer as well.

Click here

Auction Items: Part 1

Please see just a sample of some of the incredible items donated by our neighbors, local businesses and loving individuals. This is another reminder that our houses are only close so we can be as a community. Don’t forget to tell everyone to join us for the Silent Auction at the Brewhouse on March 31st.

Silent Auction – Donations for Noah

I know many have reached out with items for the silent auction, thank you to each one of you who have stepped up.

Those wishing to provide donation items for the Silent Auction at the Canadian Brewhouse for March 31st, can contact Aaron Gass on Facebook through messenger. You can find his profile at

We are hoping to get drop offs scheduled for Monday from 8-8pm, those offering services please provide a formal letter with a detailed description and value that we can set up at the tables as a placeholder.

Many may have already been contacted by Aaron, please check your other conversations on Facebook Messenger.

Silent Auction for Noah

Starting at 5pm


Regarding the devastating loss of a child that the family is going through, the manager of the Canadian Brewhouse kindly offered his help to raise money for them. We can have a silent auction, 50/50 tickets and any other ideas are welcomed.

If you know any donators or any businesses that would like to ofter something for the silent auction, please let us know so that we can set up everything.

So, invite all of your family, friends, neighbours, anyone you can think of. If you know this family, any of their family members or friends, please let them know about this night and see if they would like to join us.

Let’s make this night a big night. I know we will never be able to take the pain away but for one night, let’s be there for them. We will share tears, we will share laughter but most of all, we will show everyone else that Auburn Bay is a big family and that we all support each other.

All together, we can make a difference.

Contact April at: with donations

See you all at the Canadian Brewhouse Mahogany on
March 31 – 5pm